Why ICT, what are the expectations in Higher Education?

The Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai, Indonesia, Bangkinang  want to profit from the new possibilities introduced in Higher Education through ICT.
Expected profits are:

  • Teachers can make more realistic presentations of patients or clients with health questions when using the multimedia possibilities like video, pictures or sound. This can be used to illustrate theory but also to support the students with learning solving health problems. Both are crucial elements in modern health education (=competency based learning, active learning and self-study of students).
  • On internet many interesting educational materials can be found which could be downloaded free of charge (animations, video-lectures and blogs) which could be used in Health education. Also, ebooks might be used in the education, but these are not free of charge.
  • Teachers can present in Moodle their study materials (like power points, syllabi, articles, video, etc,) but also the description for the students of their lessons and courses, necessary assignments and progress test. In Moodle students will have easy access to all study materials and assignments. The education is more transparent, which has a positive effect on the study motivation of the students. Video and pictures in colour can be made easily available for the students. There is no need to print or copy all the study materials for the students.
  • With help of Moodle or a Blog the self-study of students could be supported. The student will find their ‘homework’ on Internet. The results of the students could be send through Internet to the teacher, but often the student are given the correct answers in Moodle. Even, a discussion between students about the correct answer is possible. The teacher will use the results of these self-study activities in the next lesson. By doing this the learning of the students will be much deeper compared with normal study in a textbook.
  • In many countries ICTedu-tools are used in Health education. As a result teachers together with ICTexperts are developing all kind of new, interesting possibilities to use ICT in Higher Education. The new ICT-based educational developments in Health education could be followed more effective if the teachers have experience with using ICT in their education.
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