Video recording

Collegerama (TU Delft).
Collegerama is developed by the Technical University Delft.

Example of a lecture related with the power points.
It can be used for a complete lecture. Or to prepare short presentations by the teacher in which he or she explains difficult subjects which are often not wll understood in more details, with more examples, etc.


Collagerama is used to record classes given by the TU Delft. The recording includes a video image of the speaker, and a registration of the screen which shows the presentation or the digital blackboard of Collegerama. In the recording, both the speaker and the computer image are displayed simultaneously. However, it is also possible to show only the speaker or the computer image.
Recorded lectures will be posted in Blackboard. Afterwards, the recordings can be edited, cropped or chopped up so the essence of the story is more prominent. These edited recordings can in turn be converted to a vodcast, which can be viewed with an iPod.
Recordings can also be broadcasted live. In this case, the images are also available outside the TU Delft. The speaker must have given permission for this.
The recordings can be published outside the borders of the TU Delft through iTunes U or through  OpenCourseWare.

Here you can find a description of the program.

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