Various possibilities for support if you are using Moodle

There are different possibilities to find information how to use Moodle and the possible functions of Moodle.

1. If you are in a Moodle course you can:

  • click on “?”  besides a specific function on the screen. Here you find relevant information about this specific function.
  • click on Moodle Docs for this page at the bottom of a screen. Here you find more general information about the subject of the screen.

2. You can look for more detailed information in the Moodle website:

3. In the Youtube you can find a number of How to…. Video’s prepared by Moodle. In these video’s short explanations are given about some basic functions of Moodle. You have to check if the explanation is about the version you are using.

4. Examples of two Moodle courses.

5. How to … in Moodle. A collection of useful how to….. texts or videos

6. Moodle MOOC: Learn MoodleBasics. An activity-based learning course for teachers new to Moodle. Four weeks, 3 to 4 hours a week. No fees. Why?  You can sign up in december, the course is in January 2020.

 A good alternative is Youtube where you an find the videolectures of the last Moodle MOOC.

7. Other sources and tutor video’s about Moodle

9. There are several commercial courses How to use Moodle. For example . One free month.

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