Understanding and Supporting student’s collaboration and communication in blended learning

Nedeva Veselina, Dineva Snejana (Trakia University),  Stara Zagora ( Faculty of Techniques and Technology)  Bulgaria http://tk.uni-sz.bg. E-mail: veselina.nedeva@gmail.com , sbdineva@abv.bg

Researchgate click here for the article.

Veselina and Snejana describe in their article the Benefits of Collaboration Software:

The researchers believed that team work and collaboration is better than competition in education (Ibrahim, 2014; Sackstein, 2017), and some elements of friendly competition are indeed collaboration (Sackstein, 2017). In team environment learners grow; as each one offers its experience and knowledge with a deficit that can be lessened by collaboration (Sackstein, 2017).The collaboration increase productivity fosters creativity and empathy or other perspectives good for product development and organizational health. Collaboration  helps to build teams that are better-rounded, saves time and supports better productivity. Additionally, when you give teams a freedom to act independently, you’re also building trust, creating more loyalty and retaining talent(Frary, 2017).

The collaboration is a process of teams, and the collaboration tools are meant to facilitate those communication processes, using:

Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Scoop It, Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

that offered opportunities to share and collaborate on a global scale (Coutts, 2015).
There are many different forms and types of collaboration software, from video conferencing platforms to chat apps and project management tools to shared online document storage and workspaces.

The different collaboration forms that help teams to collaborate together are:

Chats & Discussions; Commenting; Sharing; Video Conferencing; Shared Tasks; Online File Storage; Working in the same document or space together; Alerts to keep team up-to-date at the same time; Mobile apps and others (Ray, 2017).

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