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Toolboxes. University of Twente, the Netherlands
Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching (CELT)

The toolboxes are prepared to support the teachers in developing their education. You find the content of the toolbox by clicking on More Information.

Designing education How to integrate module parts? How to make your education more student-centred? More information Testing and Assessment How to create an exam? How to analyze test results? How to use feedback in an effective way? More information Blended Learning How to blend your teaching?
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Teaching and supervising How to lecture with impact? How to supervise students and groups of students?
More information     Module coordination How to design, coordinate and improve your module?
More information       Internationalisation How do you make your education more international? How to deal with teaching in the international classroom? More information  

Student-driven Learning Are you curious about the concept op ‘Student-driven Learning’? Do you want to know how to stimulate students to be more self-responsible? More information Quality, evaluation and accreditation How to optimize education? How to secure education quality?
More information   Technology enhanced learning and teaching How to use ICT in your education?
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