KUHS meeting 1 Blended learning

In this blog you can find the documents and assignments which I use in the teacher training program for KUHS Kathmandu University High School.

Meeting 1
In this meeting an introduction is given about blended learning.

  1. Text Blended Learning and online learning
  2. Powerpoint presentation Blended Learning and online education
  3. Program of the teacher training
  4. Matrix Educational functions versus ITedu-tools
  5. Assignment meeting 1
  6. Form 1.1 and 1.2. :

Meeting 2
In this meeting, an explanation was given of the Virtual Learning environment ‘Moodle’ and the activity How to realize the selected ideas for changes were introduced?

Meeting 3
This meeting was focussed on How to prepare a test-questions and a test in Moodle.

Meeting 4
The focus in this meeting is on a pragmatic approach to redesign your course in Google Classroom. The idea of the Route Map is introduced. Some example of blended learning options are presented.

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