Taking Your First Online Course? Here’s Some Advice

Many students that are new to online learning find the transition to be difficult.  Switching from an onsite environment to a virtual one is a big adjustment.  Communication is electronic rather than face-to-face, written messages replace the spoken word, and there’s no human presence – no one to hear, see and stand next to.  Your only gateway to the course is through an e-device.  It’s like landing and then living on another planet.

As with other things, we take the benefits of onsite learning for granted until they’re gone.  Aside from connecting to live websites such as Google Hangouts, virtual learning provides no real physical connection to people.  Your e-device is the only way to communicate with classmates and the instructor.  In light of that, here are some suggestions on how to adjust to this strange and new world of virtual reality.

Some suggestions can be found here.

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