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Staking a Claim on the Future of Education: Blended Learning

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A Q&A with Jared Stein by Mary Grush 06/08/20. Campus Techology

The article opend with: ‘If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the massive rush to move courses online this spring, it’s that a sudden change to fully online, even in the year 2020, isn’t easy. Here, in a Q&A with CT, Jared Stein, VP of Higher Education Strategy for Canvas by Instructure, shares some thoughts and comments from his writings on blended learning. He’s proposing an important takeaway from the pandemic: Blended learning environments can help us prepare for the future.’

The article stresses the importance to prepare for a new lockdown. With the cosequences the universities has to orgabize online teaching again.

Closing statement: ‘A well-designed blended course will reduce both the stress and the workload on teachers and students in the event they must suddenly shift to remote teaching.’
‘Our institutions need to be ready to meet high student expectations, and colleges and universities that find the most success will be those that commit to learning as much as possible from our present coronavirus-driven transition.’

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