Some requirements mentioned by participants in other courses blended learning

  1. Availability of equipment in the classroom for role-playing, simulations, games, presenting video, PowerPoint, ….
  2. Availability of technical or laboratory equipment for practical exercise
  3. Appropriate room or laboratory for skill training
  4. Equipment and room to prepare (tutor) video
  5. Availability of Internet, Intranet and UPS.
  6. Correct procedure because of privacy (permission person, hospital, ….).
  7. The material fits the level of the students (not too easy, not too difficult, is interesting, ……
  8. The learning objectives are appropriate.
  9. Students are willing and able to realize assignments.
  10. Teachers are able to prepare and apply to new educational practices.
  11. Teachers should work together to realize attractive learning materials and activities of good quality.
  12. Support by IT staff (with experiences with Moodle, preparing video, ….).

The one minute you are working on your system and the very next minute you may lose all your work because of the power cut.
UPS gives your system the needed time to settle every task before it shuts down.

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