Question 2: Is the implementation process of ICT well organised?

As in question 1 in general the advice is to start simple. Start with small pilots. Learn from each other. If the evaluation of the pilots is positive, extend to a broader use of ICT with more courses  and students. The possibilities to use ICT in the administration  and the research groups can be discussed during this process.

  1. Implement the ICTedu-tools step-by-step. Start with ICT-options which are relatively simple, followed by some short pilot experiments with only a few students. These pilots are best organised by some motivated teachers. Next, try experiments which will take more time and with more students.
    The experiences of the involved teachers and ICT- staff in the first phase is used to improve the next phase and so on.

  2. The project group inform the management about the progress of the pilot project and discuss their relevant issues in the implementation process. In most universities a special Task force was reorganised to support the implementation process at the level  of the University and  at the level of the faculties. Members of the task force are one of the managers, some teachers, some ICT staff members and an educational expert. The task force discuss activities in the implementation process and necessary follow-up activities and report to the Board.
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