Question 6: Are the other characteristics of modern higher education taken into consideration?

Blended learning is an important element in Modern Higher Education. It enables the teacher to use modern disciplinary content and modern didactics like active learning, give and receive feed-back, learn professional competencies et cetera.

There are a number of topics which are getting a lot of attention in modern health education:

  1. Teachers need a basic technical skill training of around one hundred hours (60 hours contact education, 40 hours self-study). Possible modules are: how to design education, how to present a lecture, how to facilitate learning in small groups and projects, how to relate theory and practice, how to include entrepreneurship in the programme, how to teach the competencies relevant for the professional occupations, how to organise practical skill training, how to organise the internship and how to test students.
  2. Certain topics have to be discussed in the team of teachers of a program. How can we teach robotics? How can we teach entrepreneurship? How can we implement (clinical or technical or law) problem-solving? How can we introduce the results of relevant research literature?
  3. In a University the personal development and social contacts between the students and between students and teachers are important elements which should be given proper attention. Possible topics to be discussed are the creation of personal development, offering extra activities for excellent and motivated students, support a good start of the study, help students with academic and personal problems, offer electives for students and help students with academic and personal problems.
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