Design Blended Learning

Question 4: Are the other characteristics of modern higher education taken into consideration?

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Blended learning is an essential element of MHE. It enables the teacher to use current disciplinary topics and modern didactics, such as active learning, giving and receiving feedback and learning professional competencies. Teachers need basic technical skill training of around 100 hours (60 hours of contact education, 40 hours of self-study).

Specific topics must be discussed by the team of teachers of a programme. How could you teach? How can you teach entrepreneurship? How can you implement problem-solving and other general and specific competencies? How could you introduce the results of the relevant research literature?

In a university, personal development and social contacts between students and teachers are essential elements that should be given proper attention. Possible topics to be discussed are creating personal development, offering extra activities for excellent and motivated students, supporting a good start of the study, offering electives for students and helping students with academic and personal problems. IT provides various options to realise these activities.

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