Question 5. Is the communication and sharing of knowledge well organized?

The use of ICT in the education institute means a new element that has to be implemented step by step. Good communication and exchange of knowledge between management, students, teachers, supporting ICT-staff and an educational expert have to be considered very seriously.

In the other questions  ideas for the communication and sharing knowledge already are presented:

  1. Start a task force with management, teachers, a supporting ICT-staff member and an educational expert.
  2. Organise training activities for the teachers on how to prepare blended learning and how to teach in a blended learning course.
  3. The website of UP about blended learning and other ICT – applications.

Using ICT means permanent innovation. Hardware as well as software develop rapidly and the uses of ICT will intensify during the implementation process. The teachers and the ICT-staff should be able to follow new developments and look for possibilities to implement these where possible and relevant.

In the task force this topic should be discussed several times during the year. When there are serious possibilities for extra innovation, the taskforce will make a request to the management.

There are good reasons to consider involving students in the support of the teachers. Younger people often have more experience with using ICT, they are flexible in their time, they have insights in the world of students and also, these students will learn many things important for their careers.

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