Question 3: Is the support of the teachers available and well organized?

Teachers often are difficult to convince to use ICT in their education. So they have to be ensured that using ICT has a positive effect on the education and their courses. Also, it should be made clear to them that the University and the management supports the idea to introduce ICT and will support them where necessary in the implementation process. This is important because most teachers will not have enough experience with using ICTedu-tools and will ask themselves questions like: what will be the effect on the students, is it difficult to prepare the use of ICTedu-tools, how much extra time will the preparation take?

There are several actions to motivate the teachers using ICTedu-tools and keep them going.

  1. As argumented in question 2, start Implementing the ICTedu-tools in small steps. Start with ICT-options which are relatively simple. Have these pilots organised by motivated teachers. Go on with some experiments which will take more time and involve more students.
    The teachers who are active in the pilot experiments can be seen as ambassadors of ICT in education. It is very important that these ambassadors are supported by the management (see question 4).

  2. Organize short (lunch) meetings in order to inform the management, the teachers and the ICT-staff about the experiences with the ICTedu-tools, the educational materials prepared for and/or used by the teachers, the students and the ICT – staff. Questions, problems and new wishes are discussed.

    Often, the educational Institute decides to start a Project group which will follow the developments in the various pilots and maintain contact with the management about the progress of the pilot projects. The members of the project group are one of the managers, two or three teachers, two ICT staff and educational expert.

  3. The information materials and the experiences available from the pilot projects are very useful to prepare the other teachers for starting to teach with ICT.  More information about preparing and using ICT can be found on a special website of UP about using ICT.

  4. Organize short courses to train the teachers to prepare blended learning courses.

  5. Besides the various supporting activities it appears to be crucial to organize  effective support by ICT-staff, education experts or student assistants. They can help the teachers with small and more complex problems when designing, developing, applicating  and evaluating a redesigned blended learning course.

    Of course, teachers probably will first ask advice from a colleague. However, colleagues are not always available to give an answer. Therefore,  teachers should be able to consult the supporting staff face to face or through an e-mail or a WhatsApp message.
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