The first step in the implementation of ICT is to find an answer to the question of how ICT can be used to make education more effective, efficient, valued and well-liked.
Also, there is the question if you want to support the introduction of the other characteristics of Modern Higher Education?

For example, the expectation of the teachers of the Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai of the possible effects of the introduction of ICT is described in a Why ICT, what are the expectations in STIKes Tuanku Tambusai

Five topics appear to be crucial for the proper implementation of ICT in education.

  1. The technical hardware and software should work properly. The implementation of ICT will be strongly disturbed when the teachers and students experience unexpected failures of the ICT technique.
  2. Teachers are difficult to convince to start using ICT in their education.
  3. Hardware and software should support the needs of the teachers. The teachers should be very clear about their demands. Technicians should be very clear about the possibilities and the costs of these demands.
  4. ICT means permanent innovation because the technique develops rapidly, the use of ICT will intensify. You should be able to follow new developments and implement these where possible and relevant.
  5. The focus should not only be on ICT.

Finkelstein Active Learning Classrooms at McGill

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