Modern higher education (2)

  1.  Introduction Blended Learning
  2. Actively engaging students in learning tasks
  3. Procedure to redesign your course in a blended learning course
  4. Desain pendidikan (The pedagogical foundations of MOOCs)
  5. Planning learning with the Syllabus
  6. Competencies,
    • hbo-i bachelor of ict-the Netherlands
    • Accountant-competency profile
    • Competency Based Curriculum Development in Education in the Netherlands
  7. Presentation internships: how to learn to work in the Industry
  8. 8 Tips for Engaging Students in e-Learning and Participating in Activities
  9. Applying the seven principles for good practice to the online classroom
  10. Flexible learning: charting a strategic vision (University of British Columbia)
  11. 10 Ways to Increase Student Engagement Online 
  12. Student Engagement with Blended Learning: 9 Unique Ideas
  13. Student Engagement in Higher Education

Game Modern Higher  Education: Explanation of 8 design principles plus components to be achieved in Modern Higher Education.

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