Design Blended Learning

Option 15. Encourage students and teachers to interact in the course

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  • Give students information about your course through the VLE or Email. 
  • Organise easy availability of teachers through Email, consulting hours, and informal meetings before and after a lecture/workgroup.
  • Formulate clear procedures for Email handling: response time, use of proper language, etc. (See BL Email).
  • Support small groups or project groups (in your classroom) with the help of the VLE or other available software/plugins. (040)
  • Organise a buddy system, involve (student) moderators or stimulate cooperation between students living in each other’s neighbourhood to motivate the students to study regularly when you teach a large group of students.
  • Organise a discussion forum, a virtual classroom or E-coaching (video, chat, exchange of documents) to give extra support to the students when they study outside the classroom or campus.
  • Enable submitting group work results or individual self-study for informal assessment by the teacher or peer assessment. (DP6:047)
  • Use online tools like the discussion forum or the glossary in your classroom.

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