Design Blended Learning

Option 11. Design an optimal blend of F2F, online and self-study

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  1. Blended learning combines online learning, F2F (face-to-face) sessions and self-study.
  2. Online learning is used to enrich traditional education. Because of the different contexts, there are many variations in blended learning.
  3. Crucial is that you must make the right blend of learning activities.
  4. To plan the blended learning activities together with the F2F and self-study activities, you can prepare a route map and a blueprint of your (re)designed course:
    •Define main topics.
    •Design the learning processes in your course.
    •Per topic, describe learning activities and course materials, learning results, teachers’ activities and support activities.
    •Schedule the activities effectively. Be sure that your course fits in the learning tracks. (option 20 )

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