Learning spaces, some good practices

Professor Colin Bryson has collected all kind of articles, reports and good-practices about Learning spaces. He has sent his report to the RAISE members- network http://www.raise-network.com/home/  (Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement). Below you can find the text ‘Designing spaces for learning and student engagement – Summary.’

Some interesting results:

  1. James Cook University (Australia) has prepared Learning Spaces Snapshots. They describe  Snapshots as ‘The SNAPSHOTS demonstrate how individual learning spaces and technology at JCU can be used effectively to support a range of different pedagogies, teaching strategies and student learning approaches’.
  2. The Learning landscape project from Middlesex University. Below, you can find the text. 
  3. Learning and Teaching Building from Monash University.
  4. The Digital Classroom – Get Started from the University of Kent.

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