2. Issues and problems from the professional field are central

  1. The introduction into the professional and/or academic field makes the education more attractive and relevant.  Students can develop professional attitudes, learn relevant content and competencies  necessary for starting professionals. Focus will be on complex learning.
  2. Students learn how to use the content in authentic professional problems, cases and issues. By doing this the gap between theory and the practice in the working/academic field will decrease.
  3. Transfer of knowledge is difficult and requires a great deal of exercising in different contexts.
  4. Students will be prepared during their study for lifelong learning.
  5. The selection of competencies is decided by the university in cooperation with the professional or academic field.
  6. Theory, skills, professional attitudes, competencies are integrated in learning activities.
  7. Students are enabled to build a repertoire of solved cases. (Crucial in problem based learning.)
  8. Students should be involved in innovative projects and study relevant developments in the discipline.
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