Introduction blended learning

STIKes has decided to introduce Moodle and other ICTedu-tools in the STIKes-curricula. This application of ICT is called Blended Learning.

Definition Blended learning:

  1. Use of ICT in your regular (F2F= face to face) education
  2. Is a combination of online learning, F2F education and self-study
  3. Information based learning used to enrich the traditional education

There are many variations in Blended Learning, because of

  1. The many different ICT-applications, still growing in number and quality.
  2. The aims or objectives of the course.
  3. The number of ICT, self-study and F2F-activities.
  4. The type of students and disciplines.
  5. The budget, the country, etc.

Crucial: you have to make the right blend of learning activities.

More information about the possibilities and the use of ICTedu-tools can be found in the post ICT in Higher Education

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