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ICT possibilities in Education?

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The Educate-it Toolwijzer helps teachers find the right tool for their teaching goals, such as creating an activating curriculum, integrating (peer)feedback, or learning skills.

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AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better Software and apps.

ICTedu-tools Examples
1.       E-book: Technology and Reading eBooks in Education, Students’ E-Textbook Practices in Higher Education, 
2.       E-mail E-mail and education
3.       PowerPoints PowerPoint, Coursebook PowerPoint 
4.       Blogs BLOG, blogs in higher education, X, text messages on mobile phones
5.       Website: DermIS (English) Atlas of DermatologyAnatomy tools, blended learning in HE
6.       Audio recording, Voice boards, Livescribe
7.       Lectures and ICT Clickers, feedback fruits, active lectures, large lecture groups, evaluation use of clickers
8.      Video clips, Tutorials Examples, how to prepare ….?  or own tutor videos with your phone and YouTube, Video clips or Tutorials, for example, Medical education (*) search for ultrasound= basis foetal biometry, or own tutor videos, Khan academy
9.       Video or web lectures Video lectures TUDelft, Collegerama, examples of lectures in MOOCs
10.    MOOCs and Open Educational Resources 7 Things You Should Know About MOOCs | EDUCAUSE LibraryMOOC Français, MOOC-list providers, What is a MOOC-Educause, MOOC List Health, MOOCs Health Informatics Forum, TUDelft Online Education OER: Open Education Consortium, Open Education (,  OER Commons, Educational portal technology, MOOC Infection, Merlot
11.    Virtual learning environment Electronic or Virtual  Learning Environment (used for a course): Moodle,
12.    Wiki Wiki, an example of Wikispaces
13.    Animation:  Visual Human  Project, Basic Pharmacology TRC interactive program (*), primal pictures
14.     Soft- and hardware used in the discipline E-health, Domotica and Initiatives Canada Zealand, technology)
 15.    Simulation Dynamic Patient Simulation: Gynaecology 03 I feel pregnant (*),
16.    Games Medical education(*), look for game
17.    Social networks/ Collaborative Software  Facebook, Linkedin, Function in the VLE
18.    Portfolio: E Pass University of Maastricht, Digital portfolio for students), example nurse, EPASS | Electronic Portfolio and Assessment Support System,  Professional Portfolio (Nursing and Midwifery)
19.    Cloud storage Google, OneDrive, DropBox and…
20.    Digitial testing and feedback Turnitin feedback studio, question mark perception, feedback-fruits Delft, Moodle My Feedback, etcetera

(*) Name and password Medical Education:, Maliebaan65. Please make your connection; it is free!

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