IT in HE

You as a teacher have certain expectations about the effect of using ICT.
What are your options for using ICT in your course? Many evidence-based options to apply ICT in higher education can be found in the literature. But… these ICT-options are based on research in a specific context(s).
The question is …… will these ICT-options you select, have the promised effect of your course.


Searches about relevant Topics

  1. Blended learning: a short description.
  2. Online education: a short description.
  3. Overview ICTedu-tools plus examples in Higher Education
  4. Matrix ICT-functions vs ICTedu-tools
  5. What are possible uses of ICT in Higher Education and what are the added values?
  6. Some didactical suggestions for a teacher using Blended Learning.
  7. Design principle 7: ICT is a must!

Serious game Modern Higher Education

Helps you to select design ideas for your education.

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