ICT dalam pendidikan: overview

  1. E-book: Technology and Reading eBooks in Education
  2. E-mail
  3. Power pointsMicrosoft Powerpoint
  4. BLOGWordPress, Wordpress, Blogger (Google+) or Moodle, micro blogs (twitter), text-messages on mobile phones
  5. Website. Cotoh: DermIS (English) Atlas of Dermatology
  6. Audio recording, voice boards, livescribe
  7. Clickers, feedback fruits, evaluation use of clickers
  8. Klip video or Tutorial (for example) Medical education (*) search for ultrasound= basis fetal biometry or Tutor.com
  9. Video ceramah
  10.  MOOC: Educational portalMOOC-list providers, What is a MOOC-educause, Mooc List Health, MOOCs Health Informatics Forum
    OER: Open Education Consortium, Open Educational Resourses(OER), OER for nursing, Educational portal technology, TUDelft Online Education
    iTunes Free courses: iTunes U
  11. Moodle. Lihat juga Elektronik atau virtual Belajar Lingkungan (Digunakan untuk kursus)
  12. Wiki: an interesting example Wikispaces
  13. Animasi: Basic Pharmacology TRC interactive program Medical Education (*)
  14. Soft-dan perangkat keras yang digunakan dalam disiplin (technology) dan Domotica.
  15. Simulasi:Dynamic Patient Simulation: Gynaecology 03 I feel pregnant
  16. Games: Medical education(*), look for game
  17. Jaringan sosial
  18. Portfolio: University of MaastrichtDenise Vernstrom, 7 Ways To Create E-Portfolios, NHS Education for Scotland
  19. Cloud: Google, OneDrive, Drop Box,  …. for cooperation in group work
  20. Digital testing: Turnitin, winvision, peermark, grademark, question mark perception

(*) Name and password Medical Education: jannedermeijer@hotmail.com, Maliebaan65., please make your own connection, it is free!.

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