Which Blog can you use: blogger, wordpress or moodle blog?

There are a number of possibilities to start a Blog. During  the Course Blended Learning some of you download the Blog form Blogger. Of course, a nice program, but it appeared, for example, it is rather difficult to download a PowerPoint presentation in Blogger. There is a possibility to download your PowerPoint: first download your PowerPoint in SlideShare.net. After that you can use the URL to put in Blogger. The procedure how  to do this is described here.

However, there are a number of other interesting possibilities to start a Blog. For example the simple version of WordPress.com and the Moodle Blog

Moodle blog
In Moodle there is a simple Blog. You can compare it with Blogger and simple version of WordPress. You can find the blog in your personal profile in Moodle.

Simple version of WordPress 
The simple version of WordPress has more possibilities then Google+ or Moodle Blog
Like Google+ the simple  WordPress blog is easy to download

  1. Go to the website of WordPress. Click here
  2. Click on the button Get started (in the middle of the top of the screen).
  3. Then  you fill in your  username, password and blog-address (=your mail-address which you want  to use for the blog)
  4. You select the ‘word’ in your URL-address to include just before wordpress.com (for example jannedermeijer.wordpress.com)
  5. If everything is OK, then  you can click on the button Create Blog  (middle under).
  6. After that WordPress  will send a mail to you to complete your registration (within 30 minutes)

If you have started the blog you can go to My Blog (tab in the top of the screen). Now you can click on change appearence. there are many possibilities. Some will be almost the same as my Blog stikesbangkinang.com/ICT. Some appearence have two versions: the free one and one for which you have to pay (with more possibilities). Example www.nedermeijer.wordpress.com

Upgraded version of WordPress 
For simple blogging the mentioned blogs could be used. If you want more functions, a better possibility is to use an upgraded blog from WordPress. For example this blog (www.bl.curriculumdesignhe.eu) is made with help of WordPress. However, the blog I am using is a more upgraded version of WordPress. The cost of the blog is $90,- . You can start with different blogs for different persons. There is, however, often, a maximum use of total MB’s.

This upgraded WordPress-blog has (of course)  more functions than Blogger and the simple version of WordPress. WordPress is an open source program which is develop by a lot of enthusiastic people. This means its free and it will be following the main developments in ICT. There are many plugins for new and interesting functions which can easily be included in WordPress

 My suggestion would be that STIKes evaluate the possibilities and costs of an upgraded version of WordPress for teachers. With this WordPress blog you can start a professional blog.

If you have problems or questions, please send me an email (jannedermeijer@hotmail.com)


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