Gamification for eLearning, an explanation

Gamification is the insertion of game mechanics into a process to make it more attractive for the user to complete and/or repeat. It’s something that is used without most people ever really stopping to think about it.

When using products and services, you are often met with visual signals indicating where you are in a process or activity, the impact of the activity and sometimes a reward that you will receive upon completion.

Gamification is a powerful tool in eLearning and is used to increase engagement and completion of training. In this post, we explain what exactly gamification is, how it is used and the benefits that can occur.


Gamification is a great way to augment your eLearning strategy by tapping into the human behaviors of collection and competition.

Once you have established some great course material and have a well-run eLearning strategy, gamification can help influence behavior to increase adoption, completion, and engagement with training.

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