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Five Formative Assessment Strategies

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 Tom Sherrington Revisiting Dylan Wiliam’s Five Brilliant Formative Assessment Strategies

In many of Dylan Wiliam’s talks and publications he references five ‘key strategies’ that support the implementation of effective formative assessment.  The five strategies each get a chapter in his excellent book Embedding Formative Assessment (2011)  which builds on the work he developed with other colleagues in the 90s and 00s.

The five strategies were expressed as early as 2005:

  1. Clarifying, understanding, and sharing learning intentions
  2. Engineering effective classroom discussions, tasks and activities that elicit evidence of learning
  3. Providing feedback that moves learners forward
  4. Activating students as learning resources for one another
  5. Activating students as owners of their own learning

Leahy, Lyon, Thompson and Wiliam (2005).

Very commonly, Wiliam presents these ideas in this helpful table, linking the strategies to core assessment concepts:


Adapted from Wiliam, Thompson 2007.
For the complete text click here.

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