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Description of the game

The Players (university teachers) are asked by the management (or by themselves) to introduce more ideas of modern higher  education (MHE) in their courses. Most teachers will have some ideas to increase the quality of their teaching, but will have no systematic insight in what the real possibilities are of modern higher education.

In the serious game MHE University teachers study the components and the design principles of Modern Higher Education. They select the most promising components they will try in their own course and  the main requirements for implementing the selected components.
After finishing the game the teachers start with redesigning and developing their course in a modern higher education course.

Learning objectives:

  1. To give the player clear insight in the design principles behind Modern Higher Education and the possibilities how to apply these principles in higher education.
  2. To select the most promising ideas to modernize the players own course (the what-question) and formulate the expected results of the implementation (the why-question).
  3. To formulate the qualities which have to be realized to achieve the expected learning results.

To prepare a teachers team discussion about which possibilities of Modern Higher Education should be introduced in the program and the teacher courses.

Click here for the full description of the game.Short explanation Game Modern higher Education

Additional information to be used in the Game Modern Higher Education

Besides the texts in the game MHE participants might want some more background information about the design principles and their components.

Design principles

Curriculum models

  1. Problem based learning: What is Problem Based Learning?
  2. Blended learning: What is Blended Learning? ICT in Higher Education
  3. Project education: What is Project Eduction?
  4. Modular learning: What is Mastery Learning Teaching Method,  Mastery Learning: An Effective Teaching Strategy
  5. Competency based learning:What is Competency- Based Education?
  6. Research based learning: How to Strengthen the Connection between Research and Teaching in Undergraduate University, Re-inventing Research-Based Teaching and Learning ,  Taking it a step further
  7. Flexible learning


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