Examples of open learning lectures and MOOC (massive open online courses)

What is meant by Open Educational Resources. Click here Wiki: Open Educational Resources.

Examples of Open Educational Resources (OER).

  1. Example Technical University Delft (Biology)
  2. The George Washington University. The School of Nursing (powerpoints). Control infections

Example of MOOC courses (you have to register first, in most cases it will be for free)):
Some other posts about MOOC on this website MOOC (massive open line courses)

  1. Moodle MOOC (how to use Moodle)
  2. Example of Leiden University
  3. Examples Duke University (Health)
  4. Example of Hopkins University 
  5. MIT (Physiology of the Ear)
  6. Coursera

See also overview  of ICT possibilities in higher education.:
MOOC-list providers, What is a MOOC-educause, Mooc List Health, MOOCs Health Informatics Forum, TUDelft Online Education OER: Open Education Consortium, Open Educational Resourses(OER), OER for nursing, Educational portal technology, MOOC Infection, iTunes Free courses: iTunes U, Merlot,

These courses can be followed by students besides the formal curriculum. The courses could also be combined with the formal lessons.

Other examples can be found through Google. Look for MOOC or Open Educational Resources.

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