Examination & assessment – a step-by-step guide (UTwente)

For teachers. Revised version of the original Step-by-step guide for CW/CS + PSY, University of Twente. Reconstructed October 2015 for the faculty BMS. English version: Nov. 2016.Support: CELT

What are the important basic principles and focus areas for examination and assessment? If we are to ensure proper assessment of our students, three quality criteria are key: validity, reliability and transparency. How can teachers meet these criteria? This document comprises a supportive step-by-step guide for those tasked with designing examinations. The subsequent explanatory supplement section provides further assistance on some of the topics of the step-by-step guide. Occasional reference is made to sources of information located elsewhere. The guide is still ‘under construction’ and new information will be added in due course.

On the website van de UTwente you can find more about testing.

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