Design Blended Learning

Design principle 5 Consider seriously collaborative learning and learning from fellow students

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Description Consider seriously collaborative learning and learning from fellow students est.

  1. Social bonding is important to keep students committed, active and on track.
  2. The students learn from each other by verbalising and exchanging their knowledge, insights and approaches. Peer learning is often applied in blended learning and MOOCs.
  3. Students have to learn to work together with other professionals and with clients.
  4. Tutors (teachers, volunteers, senior students) support and guide the self-study and group assignments. Ideally, tutors are available for support at specified hours.

Design principles

Necessary focus points

It does require pedagogical preparation

Another step to modernise

Options to apply IT to communicate between students and between students and teacher(s)

  • Present students’ course information.
  • Organise teachers’ availability through e-mail, consulting hours, and FAQ options.
  • Formulate clear procedures for e-mail handling.
  • Support small or project groups with software.
  • Organise a buddy system, involve (student) moderators or stimulate student cooperation.
  • Organise a discussion forum, a virtual classroom or E-coaching to support the students.
  • Enable the submission of group work results or individual self-study with peer assessment.
  • Stimulate F2F and digital student contacts (social software, chat function, etc.).
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