Design Blended Learning

Design principle 1 Active Learning

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Description DP 1 Active learning

  1. Students study actively in the classroom, in groups or self-study to master the learning objectives instead of passively listening. Active learning enables complex learning.
  2. The students learn to apply their knowledge in the assignments in the classroom or their self-study. The assignments are focused on learning tasks relevant to the learning objectives. The students will get feedback after finishing the assignments.
  3. The teacher’s expectations concerning the students’ learning are transparently described in the coursebook. The learning objectives are logically related to the other courses in the curriculum through the learning tracks.
  4. Teachers, tutors or both support the self-study of the students. The students will have to study increasingly independently during their study (= scaffolding).
  5. A practical principle is Time-on-task and more hours of meaningful studying results in more learning. The design task for teachers is to find meaningful learning activities which stimulate the students to study regularly instead of waiting until just before the test.

Design principles

Necessary focus points

It does require pedagogical preparation.

Another step to modernize

Using IT to support self-study and classroom study

  • Present the assignments through the VLE.
  • Present the assignments of increasing difficulty.
  • Offer (extra) study questions, assignments, cases, serious games and simulations, including feedback.
  • Use available online pedagogical tools.
  • Offer remedial teaching.
  • Sent results assignment results through VLE to the teachers, fellow students or both.
  • Apply fixed deadlines for assignments/tests.
  • Discuss students’ results in the classroom.
  • React as a teacher through the forum, a short video film, an online lesson or a F2F lesson.
  • Discuss the necessary study skills with the students.
  • …..
  • …..

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