Checklist for a series of assignments

Provide many assignments related to the discipline

1.In the assignments the students learn to work with real-life tasks in an authentic format.
2.The series of assignments stimulates the motivation of the students.
3.The series of assignments supports the students mastering the learning objectives effectively and efficiently.
o Does the learning trajectory fits with the entry level of the students? oDo the learning activities fit with each other? Is there a logical learning track?
o Are all learning activities necessary to master the learning objectives?
o Are the learning activities not too broad or cumbersome? Can they be finished within the existing constraints?
o Are there fixed deadlines for delivering an assignment? oIs there enough just-in-time information available?
4.The students experience the series of assignments as important, relevant and interesting. They like to finish the assignments.
5.Types of assignments are: case studies, learning specific tasks or skills, working with models of how to solve the problem, process work sheets, programmed cases etc.
6.The opportunity to send ‘results’ to the teacher and/or colleague students for (peer)feedback is useful.

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