Checklist Elements relevant for the evaluation of Blended learning and online learning programs

Interesting elements from evaluation studies
Jan Nedermeijer April 2021

Several organisations have evaluated IT’s use in the online or blended learning study programs organised in the last study year. Teachers, as well as students, were asked to give their opinion about these programs. These studies give an interesting insight into which elements are perceived as important by teachers and students.

Below a summary is given of the mentioned elements in the evaluation studies. In the last study year, the KUHS has built up a lot of experience in using IT in education. The KUHS can use the overview to decide how the school like to proceed with online education or blended learning activities.
 For all elements, the KUHS should decide of the element is:

OK, please continue.OK, but it needs improvements.
Interesting idea, let’s try.No action.

Click here for the checklist

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