Checklist Create a didactic description of the assignments (13)

  1. Is there a clearly formulated specific learning aim for the study task?
  2. Is the importance of the learning aim clear?
  3. Are the study activities clearly formulated and practicable? I
  4. Is the relationship between activities and learning aim clear?
  5. Are the expected results of the study task clearly described, including the criteria for assessing results?
  6. Is there an explanation for the way in which the results are discussed?
  7. Are the study tasks (depending on their place in the course): not too easy or too difficult?
  8. •not too narrow or too broad? •achievable in the available time; not  too complex or too simple? •in harmony with the students’ self-development?
  9. Is there a good coherence in the study task? The four parts (introduction, teaching aims, instructions and follow-up discussion) must logically connect with each other.

Problem task, discussion task, strategy task, application task , study task, ….

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