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Instructional design cognitive theory of multimedia learning, Izabella Warner.

Notes for Video from INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN SYSTEM written by Izabelle Warner. Click on the YouTube channel (.
This video provides an overview of some of the principles of effective multimedia design and practical tips you should keep in mind when designing instructional videos.

The effective use of any instructional technology should be guided by a research-based theory of how students learn.

A cognitive theory of multimedia learning is based on three main assumptions

  1. There are two separate channels (auditory and visual) for processing information;
  2. There is limited channel capacity, and
  3. Learning is actively filtering, selecting, organizing, and integrating information.

When planning instructional videos, we must remember the cognitive burden associated with information processing.

The list below provides some of the practical tips you can apply
  • to reduce cognitive load associated with multimedia processing and,
  • support your student’s active learning

Practical guide to effective instructional multimedia design

  1. Keep the video short (5-7 minutes) and chunk your information
  2. Make sure students are already familiar with key terminology and concepts
  3. Prioritize voice-over visuals
  4. Focus on the main point
  5. Don’t repeat yourself
  6. Use your voice and intonation
  7. Synchronize voice and action
  8. Make it personal
  9. Consider your audience
  10. Don’t be a talking head

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