SURF: An elaborate list of applications of AI in education

From J. Walker and D. Baten (2022). Promises of AI in Education. Discussing the impact of AI systems in educational practices (Appendix). SURF: the Netherlands, Utrecht.

During this research project, an elaborate list of applications of AI in education was gathered, which is shared in this appendix to provide a starting point for future research. A more complete list will be published online as this list gets updated; this can be found on 

Ada Bolton College chatbotA virtual social agent based on IBM Watson that helps deliver personalised learning and assessment for 14000 students. https://www.boltoncollege  
Agent SmithAn Assistant that helps generate a Jill Watson Q&A agent for new documents such as class syllabi. arch/projects/toolbuilding-interactive-agentsagent-smith  
ALEKSALEKS is an artificially intelligent learning and assessment system over 25 million students have used for Math, Chemistry, Statistics and Accounting. After quickly and accurately determining each student’s precise knowledge of a subject, ALEKS helps them work on the topics they are ready to learn. ALEKS intelligence, content and software are unique and proprietary; they have been developed together and work in unison. ALEKS digital content provides comprehensive course coverage. out_aleks
AleloUsing cloud-based AI simulations, learners engage in interactive conversations with socially intelligent virtual humans in a realistic setting. They role-play with avatars as often as they like on a mobile device, desktop, or virtual reality headset. Immediate feedback provides personal instruction on how to improve. When encountering a real-world situation, learners are confident and adept. Role-playing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) avatars is a breakthrough way for students to practice conversational Spanish, English and HR skills.
AlpharyAlphary set an ambitious goal to redefine the English language learning experience and accelerate language acquisition by automatically providing learners with /home
 feedback and increasing user engagement with a gamification strategy. 
AltaA complete course solution, Alta is designed to optimise how students study and learn while completing assignments. Alta’s content — including instructional text and video, examples and assessments — is organised by learning objective and served up when a student needs it. /why-alta/  
AutoTutorAutoTutor uses strategies of human tutors such as comprehension strategies, metacognitive strategies, self-regulated learning and meta-comprehension. In addition, AutoTutor incorporates learning strategies derived from learning research, such as Socratic tutoring, scaffolding-fading, and frontier learning. (Alkhatlan and Kalita, 2018, pg. 16) 09628
Bazaar: A Flexible Architecture for Collaboration SupportBazaar has often been used to implement supportive interventions involving conversational chat agents that participate as facilitators in collaborative learning tasks.http://ankara.lti.cs.cmu.ed u/bazaar/  
Braille AI TutorBraille AI Tutor is one of the technologies in the ObjectiveEd suite. It lets students improve their braille literacy using a braille display and speech recognition. https://www.objectiveed.c om/braille-ai-tutor
CenturyThe artificial intelligence engine creates personalised learning pathways that plug gaps in knowledge and remedy misconceptions. Easy-to-use data dashboards aid teacher-led interventions. Students who need additional support or challenges are quickly identified. Teachers are provided thousands of high-quality resources for various learning models, including homework, classwork or revision.
CIRCSIM-Tutor ProjectThe CIRCSIM-Tutor project was a language-based intelligent tutoring system for first-year medical students to learn about the reflex control of blood pressure. Students solve minor problems and are tutored by Socratic dialogue with the computer. (link) sim/
ComprovedComproved helps teachers, educators and assessors to assess better. We do this with knowledge and tooling. Years of scientific research have shown that comparative assessment works because people naturally make comparisons. Our comparing tool structures these comparisons and forms a valid, reliable, user-friendly instrument. The tool is perfect for large and small assessments and provides data from which teachers and students learn.
CriterionThe Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service is a web-based, instructor-led automated writing tool that helps students plan, write and revise their essays. It gives them immediate diagnostic feedback and more opportunities to practice writing at their own pace.   The Criterion service frees up valuable class time and helps improve student outcomes by giving instructors and administrators a solution that concentrates on higher-level writing skills and areas of improvement. It is used both by teachers in the classroom and by those teaching remotely as an online distance learning tool. on
DC Circuit Construction Kit / PHeT simulationsPhET provides fun, free, interactive, research-based science and mathematics simulations. We extensively test and evaluate each simulation to ensure educational effectiveness. These tests include student interviews and observation of simulation use in classrooms. The simulations are written in Java, Flash or HTML5 and can be run online or downloaded to your computer. All simulations are open source. en/simulations/filter?type= html&sort=alpha&view=gri d
Deepl Unlike any other service, DeepL’s neural networks can capture and reproduce the slightest nuances in translation. In blind tests pitting DeepL Translator against the competition, translators prefer DeepL’s results by a factor of 3:1. DeepL also achieves record-breaking performance according to scientific benchmarks. Also has access to CAT tool integration. DeepL is a German company that has set itself the goal of eliminating language anslator  
 barriers worldwide through the use of artificial intelligence 
DenkerDenker is a learning system for developing systems thinking skills in secondary education. It supports learners, provides a teacher dashboard and promotes collaborative learning. Denker also uses Dynalearn. 
Digi RevisieDigi Revisie helps you improve the consistency of your writing product through a series of assignments and 10 focused questions. This site also gives you computer-generated feedback on your text. Based on this, you can improve your text’s coherence. Your data can be analysed to see if the feedback has the desired effect and what improvements are made based on the feedback. This is always done anonymously. Using this website, you agree to the anonymous use of your data for research purposes. With the help of Smart Education funds from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (, EDIA ( digitised this checklist and generated automatic feedback for the questions on this checklist.  
DynaLearnUsing DynaLearn, learners create conceptual models. Doing so, they develop insight into what systems are, how systems function, and how the behaviour of systems can be explained. This stimulates a deep and lasting capacity for systems thinking.  
ExamusExamus Inc. has developed an advanced AI proctoring solution that prevents cheating attempts during online exams and monitors and controls students’ behaviour during the process. Examus enables universities to get verified results from online exams. Examus enables students to study and take exams remotely from anywhere in the world. The main aim of Examus is to improve the educational process and make it easy and affordable for everyone to study remotely and receive verified, trusted results. Examus AI proctoring solution can be integrated into any learning management system (LMS) or testing platform.
FeedbackfruitsFeedbackFruits offers a complete tool suite to organise interactive and collaborative learning activities. Allowing you to implement blended and online learning more effectively. /
GenieDeakin Genie App is a part of Deakin’s digital frontier for excellence in education. It allows students to easily access their timetable, results, unit information, and an array of answers to common student questions. u/about/
GingerThe Ginger Essay Checker helps you write better papers instantly. Upload as much text as you want – even entire documents – and Essay Checker will automatically correct any spelling, grammar, and misused words. Ginger Essay Checker uses patent-pending technology to fix essays, improving your writing like a human editor. Take advantage of the most advanced essay corrector on the market. You’ll benefit from instant proofreading and automatically improve your writing skills as you view highlighted errors alongside Ginger Essay Checker’s corrections.https://www.gingersoftwar
Goal NetUsing a combination of micro-MOOCs and learning path construction tools (possibly derived from Goal Net or other similar tools such as the Belief-Desire-Intention (BDI) model), instructors can specify a general syllabus consisting of finely grained learning contents and activities with improved efficiency and flexibility of updating. In courses where the dependency among topics is not strong, the learning path construction tool could be open for MOOC learners to personalise individuals’ learning paths. rticles/s41539-017-0016-3  
GrammarlyGrammarly is a Ukrainian-origin, American-headquartered cross-platform cloud-based writing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes. It uses AI to identify and search for an appropriate replacement for the mistake it locates. (Wikipedia)  — Grammarly can sometimes automatically detect potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, tone and style mistakes in writing, following standard linguistic prescription, although it may make mistakes. Algorithms flag potential issues in the text and suggest context-specific corrections for grammar, spelling, wordiness, style, punctuation, and plagiarism, although some are only for premium users. m/
IguideMeIguideME (I Guide My Education) is a dashboard that was developed at the Faculty of Science (UvA) and is used to provide personalised feedback to (a large group of) students and teachers. This project aims to activate, motivate and provide personal feedback to students during the entire learning process using a specific blended learning method in combination with the application “IGuideME”, where information about the learning process is conveniently gathered in one central digital location. -eerste-ervaringen-metiguideme-gepresenteerdop-de-surf- onderwijsdagen-20211?_x_tr_sl=nl&_x_tr_tl=en &_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=s c
iStartInteractive Strategy Training for Active Reading and Thinking (iSTART) is a Web-based application that provides young adolescent to college-age students with high-level reading strategy training to improve comprehension of science texts. iSTART is modelled after an effective, human-delivered intervention called self-explanation reading training (SERT), which trains readers to use active reading strategies to self-explain complex texts more effectively.http://www.adaptiveliterac
Jill Watson Q&AA virtual teaching assistant for answering questions based on educational documents, including VERA’s user reference guide
Jill Watson SAA virtual social agent that promotes online interactions  
LärkaIntelligent Computer-Assisted Language Learning – has as its main aim to draw on the opportunities offered by language resources, such as corpora, lexicons and natural language processing components, including lemmatisers, parsers, etc., to build more sophisticated and flexible applications for language learners and students of grammatical theory. /larka/archive/#mode=self study&group=linguists&exe =pos1&lang=sv&pos=KN,S N,DT,PP,PN,JJ,AB,NN,VB,PC ,RG  
LeerLevelsAt the moment, LearnLevels contains over 550 videos and infographics that cover the physics high school curriculum in The Netherlands. The next step is adding content for other STEM courses. Our modular approach enables a perfect integration between disciplines, allowing interdisciplinary projects to focus on our societal challenges. docent
MATHai Students stay engaged with MATHia’s personalised, just-in-time feedback and contextual hints. MATHia uses sophisticated AI technology to adapt at a detailed, skill-by-skill level. https://www.carnegielearn athia/  
Merlyn MindMerlyn lets teachers do with their voice or remote what previously took many steps, leading to wasted time and frustration. Merlyn is natural to use by design and integrates with the apps and devices teachers already use.  
Mi Write / Mi TutorMI Write is a web-based learning environment and formative assessment system that allows students to improve their writing through frequent practice and guided instructional support. Available anywhere, on any device, MI Write combines more writing opportunities with immediate scoring and feedback to help students develop effective writing skills. Student writing is instantly evaluated by MI’s award-winning automated scoring technology, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By streamlining the grading process, MI Write makes it easier for teachers to focus more on developinghttps://www.measurement
 learning strategies and interacting with students.  
MY Access! – Virtual WritingMY Access! is an online writing instruction and assessment program and teaching tool that improves student writing proficiency and motivates students to write more frequently by providing immediate scores and continual, adaptive, prescriptive feedback and edit suggestions.  https://www.vantagelearni
PerusallPerusal aims to change the nature of reading — from the traditional solitary experience to an engaging and collective one. We aim to change education — so all students do the reading, come to class prepared, and are motivated to do so because they care about the content. We aim to advance behavioural science and AI research to improve education — using our work at Harvard University and Perusall Labs to improve the Perusall platform and help students, educators, researchers, and society.
PhotoMathPhotomath is a mobile application that utilises a smartphone’s camera to scan and recognise mathematical equations; the app then displays step-by-step explanations onscreen. It is available for free on both Android and iOS. /
ScholarcyScholarcy, the online article summariser tool, reads your research articles, reports and book chapters in seconds and breaks them down into bite-sized sections – so you can quickly assess how important any document is to your work. m/
Squirrel AI LearningSquirrel Ai Learning is the first domestic adaptive learning engine based on an advanced algorithm with completely independent intellectual property developed by YiXue Education. The squirrel is the symbol of “agility, diligence and management.” This aligns with the experience Squirrel Ai Learning provides for its students to help them advance learning through the real-time adaptive system and cultivate good learning habits with practice. t
StuAStuA can help newcomers in a college who are hesitant to interact with the seniors as they fear being ragged. StuA can answer all types of queries of a newcomer related to academics, examinations, library, hostel and extracurricular activities. https://www.researchgate. net/publication/323373220 _StuA_An_Intelligent_Stud ent_Assistant  
TaylorThe Open University (UK) uses Taylor, an AIbased digital assistant, to improve the student experience for disabled learners. It takes the student through topics such as their disabilities, study materials, and access to tutorials. Taylor can use natural language processing to ‘understand’ what the student has said, for example, when identifying which recognised categories their disabilities fit with. This can then lead to appropriate responses, allow the student to use their terms and result in more useful data being captured from the conversation.” https://nationalcentreforai. /27/how-digital-assistantsare-promoting-enhancedaccessibility-at-the-openuniversity/  
TurnitInTurnitin solutions promote academic integrity, streamline grading and feedback, deter plagiarism, and improve student outcomes.
VERAA virtual experimentation research assistant for supporting inquiry-based learning of scientific knowledge. Currently, the AI focuses exclusively on Epidemiology and Ecology assistance. era/  
Write & ImproveWrite & Improve uses new technology developed at the University of Cambridge to mark English writing accurately in seconds. Submit your work and Write & Improve will score it on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) scale, giving it a level from A1 (lowest) to C2 (highest). Write & Improve also shows you the parts of your text that need improvement. So you can work more on these areas and keep improving.https://writeandimprove.c om/  
Writing MentorThe Writing Mentor application offers two writing modes. In Paragraph Writing Practice, get more comfortable writing by working with “Sam”, using Writing Help, proofreading, and earning badges! In Extended Writing, review the feedback. Feedback is not only about correcting errors! The feedback is intended to help you to reflect on and revise your writing to make it well-developed, coherent, well-edited, and more convincing!https://mentormywriting.o rg/
Writing PalWriting Pal, a web-based software tool, was developed to provide a means of automatically scoring essays in the same way as a teacher might while also providing writing strategy instruction, game-based practice and individualised formative feedback to help students improve their writing proficiency. This system is not intended to replace classroom instruction or homework but as a supplemental writing practice. http://www.adaptiveliterac
WRTS WRTS is an online learning platform that helps you learn words and concepts faster and easier. You can use WRTS anytime, anywhere. Quickly find the right lists from your textbooks and practice the words with the different practice and quiz options.
X5GONThe recommendation engine is designed to increase content engagement, quality assurance, audience engagement and footfall, directly improving site metrics. X5LEARN’s core product is an AI engine connecting millions of OER content from different sites, cultures and languages in one interface based on relevance and personal learning needs.
YujaYuja allows users to create audio/video content on their computer and upload it to the Yuja online storage and streaming environment. In addition, the software automatically captions any/all content created. YuJa Panorama automatically improves the accessibility of digital media and course content. Panorama brings market-leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities into the digital accessibility process.  

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