Add or Edit a File in Moodle

How to add a File in Moodle Clicks (C) and actions (A) to make a file The file resource enables a teacher to provide a file in Word, in Excel, in PowerPoint, an image, etc
C: Turn editing on (top right)  
C: Add an activity or resource (bottom
     right in a topic)
New screen ‘add an activity or resource’.
A: Scroll to file (Column left) New screen ’Adding a new file.
A: Fill in the name of the fileA: Fill in Description, if neededA: Decide if the Description will be visible for the students. If yes, click on the checkbox.  
A: Scroll to the section ‘select file’  
C: Click on symbol (+) top left New screen File Picker
C: Click on Upload a file in the left column New small screen in File Picker
C: Click on bladeren/browseA: Browse and click to your file in your laptopC: Click on openen/open In The File picker you see your file
C: Fill in under which name you want to save the file in MoodleC: Click on Upload this file     In the form Adding a new file you see your file
C: 2x Save and return to course  
To Edit a File in Moodle  
C: Turn editing on  
C: Edit (at the right site) New small screen
A: Select what you want to do  
For example: C: Edit settings New screen ‘Updating file’.
Go to step 5 in To make a File in Moodle.  
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