Over the past five years I have been working as a volunteer in Indonesia, Haiti and Ghana for PUM Netherlands senior experts. The educational institutes I worked for in those counties were interested in modernizing their education through the introduction of blended learning.

I selected all kinds of articles about modern higher education which, I thought, could help me to make the courses evidence based, practical and relevant for the teachers in Indonesia, Ghana and Haiti. These articles are collected on the website, some might be interesting for teachers who want to learn more about the backgrounds of blended learning and more general about modern higher education.

The structure of the website reflects this approach:

  1. What is meant by modern higher education (MHE)?
  2. ICT and blended learning are important in MHE: what options are offered to the teachers by ICT?
  3. The introduction of blended learning has consequences for the teaching of the teachers and the study activities of the students: What can be said about the didactical skills and the study skills?
  4. If you want to redesign your course in a blended learning course: How can this be done?

To other topics relevant for my courses were:

  • Moodle as the learning environment
  • ‘How to ……’ descriptions.

Besides this structure the articles are ordered with tags focussed on concepts relevant to learning and teaching. The categories are ordered through the possible ICTedu-tools. Both are meant to help the user in finding an answer to his or her question.

The website is meant to support the teachers in a practical manner. For teachers who are interested to read more about the research backgrounds, I will refer to these##l websites.

PUM Netherlands Senior Experts

Jan Nedermeijer, MSc

Coebelweg 4, 2324KW Leiden


Skypenaam jannedermeijer


PUM Netherlands Senior Experts

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