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How A Rural School In India Leverages Moodle, Open Tech To Deliver World-Class Learning. January 24, 2018

If you have ever imagined what it would be like for a world-class public speaker to address a group of children, look no further than Martin Dougiamas’ session with students of the Tamarind Tree school in a small rural area a couple hours outside of Mumbai, India.

A few minutes of video documenting Dougiamas’ time in India, during which he took the chance to explore the country while attending the first local MoodleMoot ever, is more than enough to see the importance of exchanging experiences as students from different generations, but with a lot in common. In this case, both Dougiamas and the Tamarind Tree students share a background of distant learning students. As the Moodle founder’s biography shows, his early experiences with School of the Air were instrumental in shaping his vision for the open source LMS.
According to leader Michelle Chawla for opensource.com, Tamarind Tree is a low-cost, high-tech educational approach that is possible thanks to open hardware and software. Through the philosophy that everybody has rights to data, as well as the tools to make the best possible use of them, Tamarind Tree leverages free software, beginning with Linux and Moodle, for open content delivery and collaborative knowledge creation practices. Despite the emphasis on technology, however, the school also places importance on the outdoors and students’ relationship with nature.
Watch “Martin visits Tamarind Tree in India” on YouTube for more live action footage and Tamarind Tree’s Michelle and Hemant words of inspiration.
Find out more about Tamarind Tree at tamarindtree.org.

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