5 Models for blended learning

Hybrid Learning

On his blog, John Spencer presents ideas on how to organize Hybrid learning so that you can handle it and the students can learn from it.

In his post 5 models for making the most out of Hybrid learning, he formulates the task as a teacher:’ I had to find a new approach that would maximize the benefits of face-to-face and viral environment’. Hybrid learning can be seen as one of the possible formats of Blended Learning. Spencer presents 5 models of Hybrid Learning. Below his summary of the 5 models is given. In his blog, he explains in detail how he has organised his education in the 5 models.

He remarks at the end of his blog: ‘Each of these models works well in certain situations and poorly in other situations. As teachers, we can think strategically about designing learning processes to optimise the benefits of its models. As schools, we can think creatively about when and how to use these models, so we avoid some of the pitfalls of Sparc-based approach to learning, even so, there will be mistakes. Learning is dynamic and complicated and hybrid learning adds another layer of complexity. However, by being intentional, we can help student thrive in every learning environment.

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