8. Possibilities for personal development

  1. Most students need half a year or more to learn and work as a student. They have to learn how to plan their study, how to study study texts (written and  digital), how to learn from video-presentations, how to work systematically, … ,…. And also to learn with all kind of software and hardware.
  2. Tutoring/counselling students results in more social coherence in the faculty/university. This will result in a better study progress and less dropout. The tutor and counselling activities are planned carefully in a special learning track in the program (curriculum).
  3. During the study there is a need to support students to make choices about their education and professional career. Students should be supported to formulate their interests and future plans and decide on electives. A dialog and a good relationship between the student and the tutors/counsellors/teachers is important.
  4. The basic feature of modern higher education is the greater own responsibility of the students for their study. Especially for students studying in MOOCs. The necessary support given by the teachers and in the assignments decreases during the program (curriculum) (= scaffolding).
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