ICT is a must!

  1. Improve accessibility of available information for the students. New possibilities to present content and assignments (multimedia, up-to-date) and to stimulate the independent work of the students.
  2. Preparation for the future. Almost all professionals work with  digital hardware and software. Not using ICT is no option and many students even expect ICT in education.
  3. With ICT the  students can get more control  (and responsibility) over their study activities. This is a very important element of modern higher education.
  4. ICT is becoming more and more user friendly. However, technical support  for the teachers is still crucial.
  5. The students should learn to use ICTedu-tools and professional software and hardware effectively and efficiently  in their study.
  6. ICT supports students when a teacher is not available, but needed by the students.
  7. ICT offers possibilities to improve the learning process of students. For example:  increase of a too low entry level of students, deepening of the study on conceptual level, exercising problem solving skills, exercising standard calculations, possibility to give feed back to the students, availability of extra explanations for students, ….,…, ……
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