Design Blended Learning

Option 5. Discuss and deepen understanding of the self-study in the F2F

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After the self-study, project work, and practical work, the activities and the studied content and skills are discussed and applied during the classroom meetings.
The teacher could use a virtual classroom like Zoom or BigBlueButton (Moodle). The teacher and students are logged into the VLE at the same time. Interaction through chat, question box, etc., is possible.


What is deep learning?
From the Website of Julian Hermida. Algoma University, Department of Law and Politics, Ontario, Canada

“Deep learning is an approach and an attitude to learning, where the learner uses higher-order cognitive skills such as the ability to analyse, synthesise, solve problems, and think meta-cognitively to construct long-term understanding.

It involves the critical analysis of new ideas, linking them to already known concepts and principles so that this understanding can be used for problem-solving in new, unfamiliar contexts.” (See BL deep learning)

What is surface learning?
In contrast, surface learning is the tacit acceptance of information and memorisation as isolated and unlinked facts. It leads to superficial retention of material for examinations and does not promote understanding or long-term retention of knowledge and information.

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