Design Blended Learning

Option 48. Simulation of the professional operation

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  1. Simulation is a close imitation of professional operation. In most cases, the simulation starts with a real-life situation. The students must apply their studied knowledge and skills to make decisions on how to continue in the simulation and assess the consequences of this decision. Often a simulation necessitates the student to study extra relevant content.
  2. A simulation can be used to illustrate a specific (key) point in the teachers’ lesson.
  3. Start with simple tasks and increase the complexity and difficulty step by step.
  4. When carrying out the simulation, the player/student acquires important skills such as
  5. interpersonal communication, teamwork, leadership, decision-making, task prioritising, professional competencies, and stress management.
  6. The simulation may be executed individually or within a team. However, working with a group leads to more collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  7. However, the learning results of implementing a simulation in the course is influenced by teachers’ guidance, motivation, feedback and elaboration/explanations of the learning results.

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