Design Blended Learning

Option 46. Check course for different types of students

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  1. Students have different ways of studying/learning. This depends on the learning context. The ‘famous 4 study styles’ do not exist. See text learning styles.
  2. Svinicki and McKeachie (2011): ‘Some students learn best through audio input, the typical lecture format. Some learn best through visual input, seeing the material in writing. Others learn best when they write down the material or verbalise it aloud in their own words.’
  3. Some students study better in a group, while others prefer to work alone. Some students like deep learning, and other students skim over the study materials. There are various overlaps of learning styles.
  4. ‘By matching your teaching method to students’ learning styles, you enhance the student’s ability to grasp the information and to remember the material.’
  5. Besides the different learning styles, you must consider that students have different backgrounds, experiences, opinions, etc.
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