Design Blended Learning

Option 40. Organise project work

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  1. Projects are excellent opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and to study new content in the (professional) context of the project.
  2. A project is often organised at the study year’s or semester’s end. In the project, the students will apply the content taught in the proceeding courses. Of course, the students will also study extra content and skills relevant to their project.
  3. Projects are beneficial for experiencing more challenging subjects. These subjects will be taught in more detail in the following course.
  4. Projects are particularly suitable to give students valuable real work experience.
  5. Projects allow the students to learn crucial professional competencies. One of the projects will help the students to master the professional competencies to the necessary level (quicker). What students have learned in one project can be used in the next.
  6. The conclusion of Guo et al. (2020) is that creating new knowledge in project education allows students to test and achieve their ideas in the way they want, promoting their innovation competence.
  7. Together with these professional competencies, the students master the so-called general 21st-century competencies. But, you can only master the 21st-century competencies in relevant working situations together with professional knowledge.
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