Design Blended Learning

Option 39. Prepare ‘active’ lectures

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  • Ask questions to be answered by an individual or two or three students during your lecture. The questions should not be too easy or too difficult. They should stimulate the thinking and active participation of the students.
  • For example, a teacher presents practical or research problems. They will ask questions at crucial moments to engage the students in thinking.
  • Use a college response system (clicker) to collect the answers given by the students on the computer. The teachers can discuss the results.
  • Make recordings of the lectures available to the students through the internet or on the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).
  • Lectures in MOOCs or extra ‘short explanations on video’ used in blended education should be excellent. They are short (4-10 minutes) and well prepared (for example, with the help of a storyboard). Of course, longer lectures are also an option. In the last case, more attention needs to be given to the quality of the video.

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