Design Blended Learning

Option 38. Ensure that ICTedu-tools work properly

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  1. All students and teachers must have access to a computer and the internet at home and in the institute. Or both.
  2. Ensure synergy between IT-learning materials like virtual learning environment, PowerPoint, complex images, video lectures, games, simulation, et cetera. Too many different layouts are confusing when working with a VLE.
  3. The internet connection (Wi-Fi, broadband, etc.) should work correctly. A power generator and a UPS are necessary when there are power failures. The acceptance of IT options by the teachers and the students is always strongly disturbed when the teachers and students experience IT system failures.
  4. Teachers should be clear about their demands, questions and problems using IT in education. At the same time, IT staff should be transparent about the options and the costs to meet these demands.
  5. Teachers will need practical advice about using ICTedu-tools from colleagues and IT staff and their online search.
  6. The challenges of using IT in education should be discussed in a special task force of teachers, IT experts and management.

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