Additional information to be used with the Game Modern Higher Education

Besides the game’s texts, MHE participants might want some more background information about the design principles and their options.

Design principles

Curriculum models

  1. Problem-based learning: What is Problem Based Learning?
  2. Blended learning: What is Blended Learning? ICT in Higher Education
  3. Project education: What is Project Education?
  4. Modular learning: What is Mastery Learning Teaching Method,  Mastery Learning: An Effective Teaching Strategy
  5. Competency-based learning: What is Competency-Based Education?
  6. Research-based learning: How to Strengthen the Connection between Research and Teaching in Undergraduate University, Re-inventing Research-Based Teaching and Learning,  Taking it a step further
  7. Flexible learning

Learning designs

  1. 3D possibilities
  2. Flipped classroom


C11: Blended Learning Toolkit Effective Practices


C39: Clickers

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