Design Blended Learning

Option 2. Consider entry level, use of remedial study materials

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  1. In the course book, the expected entry level is clearly described. The actual entry level of the students concerning the content and study skills and other relevant competencies has to be considered in the teaching and learning activities.
  2. Knowledge already studied is rehearsed: prior knowledge should connect meaningfully with new knowledge. First, prior knowledge has to be activated in the context of the new course. Relevant course materials need to be studied by the students as indicated by the teacher.
  3. Remedial study materials are available for self-study through the VLE. Students have to study these materials before or during a course. Some support from the teacher would be necessary.
  4. An efficient didactic approach in remedial courses is the principle of mastery learning. Students can only start the next section or learning module after finishing the previous section/module test. If they fail, they must repeat it, especially at the start of the remedial course, and try out an earlier section until a positive score is reached. Often, students will have a 90%-correct score on the final test. Another option to measure and increase the entry level of the students is the adaptive test.

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